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Pilea Depressa to go…

Yeah, you can have a some of my Pilea Depressa clippings that I have started to root.  Let me pack some soil into some foil, then lets get these clippings into some paper towel to keep them protected from the cold bike ride, oh, and lets get them all neatly packed into this container.  Happy Planting G money.


You live in Chicago? Need a Christmas Tree?

inexpensive healthy Balsams and Frasers. This photo would look better with snow…. This is the lot at Sprout Home.  745 N. Damen.  This spot is in the Ukrainian Village, it just seem right to plug these trees.  There is a Point to this and the point is I work here, and we unloaded a bunch of tress… you should come buy one.  That is about that,  Balsams from Nova Scotia, and Fraser Firs from North Carolina. Peep Game, independent style.


I know this is obvious, but still.


The Rolling Stones I can almost expect.  I”m sure they were some pretty bad ass dudes at one point, and most likely still are.  But when I hear a Stones song in some jingle here or there, I don’t think much of it.  If I do give it any kind of thought, it’s more along the lines of  ”figures”.  They just seem cheese to me.  Hearing a loved song, or a hint of an artist that I hold dearer and a bit closer to my heart, well… that one some next level of disgust.  What brings this bramble of words out this evening is the new Michael Jackson video game that for now, is only going to be out on Wii.  This is some creepy shit.  The same gory tossed guts feeling hit me not too long ago with the cartoony skinny cheesed out Kurt Cobain, when Guitar Hero cursed his soul.


The Beatles… I mean.  Oh, I let loose that i’m on the Beatles side when it comes to Beatles V Stones.  Well… there is that.  Regardless, this shit is not going to stop, the ball of “it’s alright to no longer be dignified about posthumous rape”.  Seeing Michael hitting all the moves of a morphed Off the Wall Thriller sequence made me want to chuck.  Yeah…. and speaking of Chuck, I saw this clip of Chris Rock from his SNL days, doing this bit about “however many years of Charlie Brown, Franklin has had no lines.. No Lines!  Give him a Jamaican accent or something”  Funny business.  So back to this game that you are good at if you can dance like Michael Jackson, Thrilling?  Get your kids and instrument for crying out loud, and if its the singing and dancing… Families can do that.  I think that was the ways of the days.  I seem to be nowhere near child, family of my own and all that goodness, but if it goes down, I’m thinking of rocking some family singing, and some dancing for sure.  I know what your thinking.  Ok, I don’t.  I have some great dancing moment memories, my Mom and brothers, the house I remember it happening was on Sheridan, on the west side of Champaign, just west of Centennial Field.  Lots of dancing at that house, 2602 I think.  Kenwood Elementary, the start of some good times.  Point?  None, you do what you like… I just happen to have some beef with these video games totally disrespecting the artistic holiness of this shit.  I mean, I know somewhere there is someone in charge if the royalties, and sometimes these people are family, and often they are in the case of much older musical jams, owned by some publishing scammer.  Jackin’ those that didn’t know the full reach of contracts and such.  But whatever, this just taste nasty to the eyes and ears.  In the words of Humpty and Shock G, Dowhatchalike.


Oh, and again with the D Rose ness.. Derrick Rose is killin’ it.  I cannot believe I get to witness this as a current, living in Chicago, person.  Was that sentence structure murder?  I do that.  Peace to Pete Bohmer.


Derrick Rose and the Bulls are a pretty fun team to watch, tons of heart, and Defense…Defense turns to offense, and with D Rose at the point, it’s just sick.  He is the fastest player out there.  Like Dee Brown back in his Illinois prime, crazy fast.


Ok, this is getting into some fucked up jock message board type stuff.. i’m tired.  Bears.

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