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This is a wind turbine and solar panel, cold chillin’ in Humboldt Park

Let us get this thing going? That’s about it.

Hello again

Billy Joel…. Pressure!  Peep that.  I have had this piano tinklin’ round my head for the long part of the day.  I went to sleep last night listening to this app by bing, Top 100 Songs, or something like that.  You pick a year, and it randomly plays the top 100 songs from that year.   It was not very good going to sleep music at first.  I choose 1978, I was 8 years old then and everything sounded good to me.  I remember loving most songs I heard on the radio, and then I mostly heard the radio while riding around in either my Moms car, or my Ex step fathers car.  So i’m thinking that I like the music heard in those cars because it mostly sounded good, but also because we were going somewhere.  The simple things right?  Just going somewhere was the jammy jam.  ”Runnin’ to the store” , we did that a lot.  It never had anything to do with running, but we were sure piled into whatever car with big ass smiles on our faces, we were going somewhere.  Mom, Brothers John and Keith, mostly we were the crew in motion.  We went places with Hence, but it usually about heading to his Moms, or some krunked up friend of his.  There were tapes being played in some of his rides for sure, lots of Earth Wind and Fire for sure.  Christmas in like 78 or 79, I specifically remember riding in a forest green caddy, going to Rantoul for late Christmas at his sisters house.  I remember the Earth Wind and Fire, I remember the football I got that morning from Mom, but what was most memorable about the day was the awesome almost hot day.  It was I swear to god, 70 degrees out!  Tangent? yep.  But again, we were going somewhere.  The music coming out of that playlist from 1978 was just crazy.  I heard several songs that I was shaken into alertness over, again… not the set list to go to sleep to, at least for me.  The alertness was my brain being like “who is this….?  who is this….?  who the fuck is this?  Oh shit! it’s the one Rick James song that didn’t seem to get tossed into the fratty reactions for Chappelle fans.  Not that Chappelle fans are fratty.  No no, he is the funniest, with the funny bone game for sure, but all the asslicks that would just over quote his material, they all seemed to be the worst kind of lame dude.  But they didn’t touch You and I… The intro to this song… I was for sure on some, what the fuck is this again?  Is it from a Muppet episode?  Was it School House Rock?  No fool, it was You and I by Rick James..   Some of the best Whoa o Whoas ever.  Horns and such, come on.

Kansas… Those fool were a bit heavy trip at times.  My mind was not shutting down for sleep, I had to put the BBC on.  Yeah, I listen to soft mumbly ass Brits tell me about the fucked up state of the world to head to dream town.  Heart… Crazy On You.  Fucking jam.  Foghat?  I mean, they had a song called I Just Wanna Make Love To You, this is top 100 material. I should just leave this be.

I need to get some air from another spot, maybe some kinda realm of nimbus type clouds.  Who knows, i’m just glad I haven’t been watching any baseball, i’m mad at baseball still, for being a bit lame.  Hawks…Traded Big Buff, I liked seeing a brown person on the ice in Chicago.  Not like some token shit either, he’s good.  But really, why even bring up sports type shizzle without just jumping to the DROSE.   My little side name for Derek Rose, sounds a bit weedy though right?  He is a nice young man with crazy skills and i’m giving him some weedy as smokey nickname.  I feel shame… ON THE FOOLS WHO TRY TO STOP DROSE.  And though they look a bit confused at times, I”m still down with the Bear.  Singular from hear out.  Go Bear.

Punk ass KFC, these fools have a chicken sandwich where the bread is this “Hawaiian bread”, sweet basically.  This is literally a sweet chicken sandwich, this is bad news for the communities that might like chicken and sweet shit.  I’m just saying, the road to Diabetes is being  paved by shit like this.


Speaking of roads, I was peeping a documentary on PBS about the Lincoln Highway, I’m not going to really give  you any useful information about it, lazy bo’s.  No i’m just going to mention that I would like to travel some of the stretches of the old highway, a Pennsylvania part for sure, Ohio looked pretty rad, and wherever it was where there is a two story building made in the likeness of a shoe, it was build by the self proclaimed Shoe Wizard.   I don’t remember his name, just his moniker.  Make sense though, I mean Shoe Wizard…

Any? or is this slept on like stars n bars. N.Young.


Koch, Beck, Thomas, Prudential, Big Oil….

These are just some of that elements that are rigging the country up for no good.  We do remember right?

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