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how i’m feeling? This way.

Yes… Gordons alive.

These are just some random pics from the web of one of my favorite silly trip out movies.  Flash Gordon.  As a young man, I thought flash was a fool for falling for Dale (yeah, her name was Dale) over Ming’s daughter Princes Aura.  She was smokin to my 14 year old self.


On another note… the robots are coming.


And don’t lemons look lovely?


Modern Felt Bird Homes… I like to think of them as Modern Nests.


Not that birds need much help with their homes.  They seem to do just fine.  If we can just cut down on the toxins and habitat loss, they might actually end up singing us some more pretty songs.  Hope so.  These are at Sprout Home.  Woo Woo!   Not to be confused with this new phrase that has been making me batty batty batty (name that Robert Townsend Movie?) Whomp whomp, I thinks its come out of dub step, which I thought was Brit Garage, but hey… I”m 40, maybe I’m not suppose to know what the music is called, or like hearing people drunkenly yell Whomp Whomp, it’s bass… yeah, Ok.  This is getting pretty far from the topic of this post, hand felted, naturally dyed, South African Women’s NGO Coop Produced Wool Bird Nests.  Pretty dope, just have a look.  Get them at Sprout Home


I just dropped these on the ground, puttered around with them for just a sec, and blammyzam, crazy town!


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