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Water Warning

Nice day on the lakc, Shanigans was the boat, crew of eight.  Damn decent time.  This was shot off the back of the boat, this beat and cuts deal is about a year old.  Never really done much with it, Group Home loop for sures, Billie Holiday in spots…

Double Down, no…

What do I think of this kfc double down sandwich. Let me tell you, I’m an eater. I know, everyone eats… But I have a thing with special moment meals, I’m an eater. But really? This Sammy seems a bit foul.

Just have a look at this creation from the minds of KFC creatives. The obvious nasty start is the fact that the “bread” of the sandwich is chicken, they will tell you it’s chicken breast, but this is kfc. This meat product left the realm actually qualifying as chicken in the 80′s. The corporate chicken complexes give all of our nugget, wings, strips, patties, and plump plum pieces. Mega hormone huge. So yeah, that’s the bread. Two pieces of bacon, two pieces of some kind of pale cheese, and surely some kind of sauce, or at least mayo. Fuckin gross! I’m no vegan veggie only person, peace to you if you are, but I’m a occasional meat eater, and often a large plate kind of guy. The presentation of this double down says it all, American business food chain poisoning the dumb dumbs. That said, I have to house a whopper a couple times a year, I gots the American bloodlust in me. Yikes.

Cute Beer Montser


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