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Staghorn Fern as Fresh Cut Look

I have had my staghorn fern, Platycerium bifurcatum, for some time now, and I like the general funkiness that this plant rocks.  I like it kind of  smallish however, once it gets to reaching out in all kinds of directions, taking up way too much room, I like to cut it back.  I have done this a couple times during the 4 years that I have had this plant.  Tonight I decided to use the beautiful flow of the plant, for a nice beyond the grave kind of contribution from the cuttings.  I keep these Pure brand bottles around for Humboldt Park public drinking, I know I know, cats out of the bag now.  Sapphire and Juice (of any kind really), shaken with some cubes, enjoy the walk.  So… yeah, any bottle or cup will do, but don’t take some trip to some store for a vase, I mean really, look around you.

Check out these pretty easy steps.

Care for your plant, if your a plant Pimp, you can harvest these a couple times a hear.

Cut that damn plant, using you for water and light…  it deserves it!

Choose wisely.

put water in the vessel, drop nicely.

This will stay on my dinning room table for a few days, then a nice bright window sill for a few, who knows, maybe I can get these to root.

for sometime now,

Floating Ghost Plant… dead as Polly

Bol’s and Matilda…. yep.

Troops pull out of Iraq

Crazy, all I can think about is getting permission to leave work for a anti war march and rally in Champaign a long long time ago. The first invasion of Iraq was the occasion, no blood for oil was the chant, Champaign Surplus was the job. That was like 91 or so… now 2010 the last combat troops are leaving under the cover of night and Ramadan. Pretty cool, pretty sad. Mostly sad. Shit is still off the guard rail in Afghanistan, and will be for a long time. I just hope people can make it home safely, the rule is generally that they do not. Boo war!
Another moment in personal failure, I love this shit. I’m getting so good at it.

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