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the fat back band

lemonade day

truck break way

concise on last august way

rollin tow truck y

felt lucky

Then the word gorillia

tortilla’d my brain

as Vic refered to a brotha on a corner

random fella, called  gorilla cuz he’s black

mello attack my reply  as I point to family planting seeds

in they corner garden

Its know knonw, like Joan pullin it off again

Mad Men, Don Draper type steeze

But connecting more people

people of the planet, spin control like Janet

Gay, Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Pin Striped,

Future Greys, alien gaze

Kleenex Hand Towels

Kleenex is now selling disposable hand towel, like a thicker larger nose tissue deal…. They say “why use the same hand towel over and over”. Fuck you Kleenex, people on earth don’t need this dumb shit.

Another Bomba Steeze from Pablo

done several years back, I was just made privy to this nice nice piece.  This is what real is.


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