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Fucking Funny.

ripped from my friends FB page, but I had to pass this along.

The exclusion.

Just couldn’t handle it.  peace.

Its about August

and i’m about 40, ok…. cool.  I can rock that number.  I have not really been behind many of my birthdays. but I”m pretty sure this one will be pretty dope.  I’m talking release of doves and shit.  Just walked around beautiful Humboldt Park, I just love this spot.   One can forget they are in the city here.  Bit of info for the day, I forgot the exact address, but I was walking down Sacramento, (outer sac) just south of Division, and I roll up on one of those Chicago Park District Historical signs.  This one was in from of a really average gray stone building that was a former house of Jens Jensen.  Cool!  It read that he lived there while he was in the process of being a Chicago Park District street sweeper that was rising to the top of the Landscape Design dept .  Nice story, and in my hood.  He was one hell of a Danish designer.  Thanks Jens.

The song playing in my dream as I woke this morning-Broken Arrow, Neil Young.  Rock it.

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