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Scenic Lookout

Remember these? Maybe they are fresh in your mind because you were just on a nice road trip. Myself, well… it has been too long. I have done some traveling and such over the last few years, and could for sure use more of that, but I have not been in a car, going to a place of some great distance in over 10 years. I”m not proud. I was thinking of my friend Johnny Coultas, and wondering how he is, when I recalled very vividly a nice trip we made to Atlanta from Champaign. Sauntering through the Smokeys was the highlight for me, and that little two lane road that goes through there is steeped with scenic lookouts. The whole concept is pretty dope, people are building roads, and they look up and think “this would be a nice place for people to pull over, catch a little rest, and look
out over the amazing view”
Thank you!3616775-the_hazy_quality_of_the_smokies_before_a_storm-Great_Smoky_Mountains_National_Park

These streets are not so mean.

This is Harpo, my friends Michael and Alicia’s great kiddo.  I have yet to meet Harpo, but it looks as though our common friend Crash may have met her first and taught her how to crash out.  Context is awesome.  I miss them.


nice chill chant

Hot goal in the 92nd minute, some call it a Golden Goal.  Congrats.

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