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Black Dog Gelato, Honey 1 BBQ, Bike Ride, Lake, Thrift Stores, Run/Walk Around Humboldt, Beautiful Weather….. yeah, this isn’t twitter, but what the what? My day was pretty damn perfect. On twitter, I love the Tosh.O “Twitten By” segment, very smart.

Palm Grenade

Crazy tripped out seed pod object that TJ got in at Sprout Home.  I love these.  I have a bunch of photos of these in the plantmode section in the photography-ish section.  granade

Couple of interesting words

VOIVOD, they  are a heavy metal band from Quebec, and well… not much other than that, meaning I just like saying the word Voivod.   I was peeping some world cup news yesterday, and I saw the president of FiFa talk about instant reply, regarding the blown goal call against the British team, Fuck them anyway, but yeah, the guys name is Sepp Blatter.  Sepp Blatter, did you get that?  Are you seeing how dope that name is?  Full on space bounty hunter type shit.  I know this dude works for Boba Fett.  FettbobaJB

Just walked over to Star Lounge for a coffee, they have it good there, check it if you haven’t.  I have a realization today, that I need some new clothes.  I lost a bit of weight since last summer, and all of my tenty shirts got to go.  I went to American Apparel and almost bought a couple of 26$ tank tops, sanity kicked in and told me not to blow 50$ on two little tank tops, so… to the thrift I go!

Anyone else freaked out about the oil leak in the gulf?  Were rocking it at day 72 I think.  That is some fucked up shit.  Literally, the earth is bleeding.  I have a feeling this could be the start of something bigger,  and much scarier.  And if the anit Obama people get their way, we will for sure be splitting up the country.  I’m going to Central Illinois when things go down, (which they are not), lots of good water down there.  Off to search for shirts.

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