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not just the weather

well, today it might just be.  90 is the expected number.  Vivian would be happy about this.  Things things things, this is sometimes referred to as stuff stuff stuff.  Hawks! this is good.  Freedoms, well this is sometimes achieved.  Love, what and where is this?   A nice cherry tomato plant, 6 hot pepper plants, cilantro, Basil.  I will love these.  Poppy always gets my love.  Wow, I seem to be on some lack of love train today.  I think I’ll head off into the Sunday and see what is around to love.  Not the dirty, who can I fuck lookin for love stats, no more like, look at this pretty tree, and the sunlight blue sky just beyond its reach.  I will walk up to said tree, and sing these words, “I felt so unsure, as I take your hands, and lead you to the dance floor”


I was down in Champaign last weekend.  And the nicest thing ever went down.  There was a lilac bush that was planted into my mother yard.  This is the first house my mom has owned, the first place we could just know is our home.  Not only was the tree planted, but there were people at the house that had not been there for years.  My brothers, my brothers John and Fahim.  They have had been locked up, anyone knowing me knows this, knows most of this story, and will be happy to know we all had dinner together that night.  Well, not really around the table at the same time.  Other people were in the spot, showing love and being themselves.   My niece, two of my nephews, even a brother from another mother (really, a brother literally from another mother, we had the same father.  Martice i think is how you spell his name?  I don’t even know, shame shame right.  Well, cousins, and friends of the family were stopping through all weekend, it was not the quiet time with my mother and brothers that I had thought I was going to have, but it was nice enough.  No visiting room bullshit, no driving into corn corn usa, no racist guards, no fences covered in wire that would not be fun to touch.  No more lots of things, but see… not for me, but for them.  No more being locked up.  This is now the starting point, bang goes that starting gun.  And thought they are some grown ass men, with not much work history… they get to at least live in freedom.  So yeah, don’t be young and foolish, or you might end up missing lots of living free time.  I have lots and lots and lots to say on this topic of love, brothers, prison, mom, lilac bushes, and the like.  But I”m not feeling like the click clack of the keyboard is not the place, at least not right now.  Wow.. how random.

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We need every species. Don’t you think so?

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