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The thunder are playing the lake show nice like. And on this phone, I type this. Durant! The hawk also skated lovely over the thrashers. What the fuck is a thrasher? Bad logo, so many other bad logos. This has been my low key intro into the sporting waves of the eve. Cubs, did what they can do often, lost. The blackhawks, whom Bozak and I call the hawk, are in the playoffs and going up on Nashville. The bulls beat the lebrons, keeping some dignity in the series. The NFL draft happened, that’s not watchable. Other things went down, but typing this shit out on the phone puts me one some…. Goodnight folks.
moving soon, excited about that.

My mac is dead

So that is where I’ve been. Over a month now… Dang

Dead mac

My computer has checked out…. been a few weeks like this. I’ll be back at this once I figure this out.
Thanks for checkin in.

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