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Couple things,

My friend Mark Baldwin has the funniest name ever for his fantasy hoop team, I won’t dwell on this league for long, I”m in 4th place of 6 teams… not so hot.  But his team is called The Fastest Dribblers.  I’m actually laughing right now over those words.

Blackhawks… or as I like to call them, the Hawks.  Playoffs are near, and they proved an important point with last nights win over the Coyotes, good.  There was a bit of a slide since the Olympic break, and well… fuck that noise.  On top of the lame defensive play, Seabrook got knocked out on his feet, a game after Fraser got his ribs broken by Alex Ovechkin.  Tough times indeed.  Check out both hits.

The Bulls are just about out of the playoff race, they need for the Toronto Raptors to totally choke up, which they should.  Go Derek Roses, I mean… Bulls.

NCAA Tournament… not so into it, but I really enjoyed Kansas going down the way they did.  I might start watching if these scrub teams like Norther Iowa, Cornell, Saint Mary’s, and whomever else there is left to take out the top ranked teams.   I”m going with Kansas State to win it all, I guess.

Illinois Men’s team… well, NIT.. and well…. I hope they win it for sure.  It would be a nice ending to a lame ass year.  The words “wait until next year” are actually really ringing true with this team.  Top 5 recruiting for next season, and the really nice fella’s they have should add up to a serious final four type team.  I”m thinking Brandon Paul will really fall into the famed Kendall Gill realm, and Demitri McCamy will for sure be a possibly better Deron Williams.  Just talk though.

Dwight Gooden, your breakin’ my heart.  Again…

the ramble

Just got to get these things off my chest, or shoulders, or lower back… wherever it is that I”m carrying these thoughts.

Rashida Jones is my celeb crush, Rashida… really?  why haven’t you called me?  It’s ok that your dad might not like me because of my non smooth soul sensibilities, but I think we could make this work.   Just think about it.


I loved the show Nip Tuck, mostly because i’m a giant perve.  What a slutty show.  So it ended, I won’t ruin the ending or anything, but really, a happy ending?

Star Trek episode… ( i don’t know the episode number, i’m not a fucking dork trekkie.  But I do know the title of the episode, Plato’s Stepchildren.  And it is a classic one, Spock, Bones, and Kirk are stuck on a planet where the local food has given these pretty normal type folks super Telekinetic Powers, you know this one, Spock is made to dance and sing, laugh and cry, and eventually get his kiss on with with a hot enterprise nurse.  These things are not the way of the Vulcan (whoa, I am a dork trekkie)  I believe the first inter race kiss, Uhura and Kirk… big time.  Nothing urgent here, just funny tv zone type actions.

What is up with the term Master Chief in the Navy.  Black folks don’t get down with shit that has the word Master in it.  This would include the golf tournament called….. The Masters.  Who wants to go to some place that might have a gathering of masters.  Fuck that old south shit., don’t go to this site, it’s stupid.   But pay some attention to the almost awesome commercial that plays for this site, it features a very dope new jack type sing song that I just can’t get enough of.  So unexpectedly nice.  “I went on the in ter net”

check it.

This is a big deal, not to use Biden’s words…


which cracked my ass up.  I love the the folks in the big house speak like normal people.  I’m a big time curse worder, and I like to also make up words like worder, you can have it.  Worder!  Worder uP!  So yeah, this Health Care Reform Bill that just got signed into law is a big fucking deal.  In the words of my friend Dylan and Jay Z…. “on the the next one”.

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