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German Passive Home

Earth Hour…

At about 8:20pm my rice had just started, the beans and spices were also just starting up, at 8:30 I turned off all the light, fired up a couple candles, then started the bath water.  Candle light check of the food, still long way to go, water in the tub is hot hot hot, the minerals I put in the tub are now permeating the air of my apt.  I ease into the water, blow out the candle, and enjoy an long soak in the darkness.  That was the nicest thing I have done for myself in a long time.  I liked the idea of participating in Earth Hour, linking up with others in the world by action, as passive as that action was.  In the tub I did have lots of thoughts about the single life I have been living, you think about a lot during a dark dark bath.  But I came to this feeling that I should be sharing that moment with someone, not just the bath part, but the global action, the household move that was busted.  Dry off, stir the beans, rice is done, only 10 more minutes of the darkness.. and now i’m over it, I want to turn the tv one, sit down and have my dinner.  I wait, eat by candlelight, and enjoy.  Once the hour was up, and the TV was back on, I realized that I hadn’t missed anything, and that the TV should be off more.  Lets just think about that, think about a moment of dark realization.  Wait, I think the tournament games are on today, oh well.  I like to think that the planet was a little darker, or less carbon emitting for that hour, and it was good to be a part of that.  Now to get the green jobs for the hood idea I have in my head out of my head.


P90X sounds hard, I think i’ll start with P14C…. until I feel ready. What if my muscles are already confused? This last sentence has been inspired by Bill Murray playing Hercules on SNL.
Check it sometime.

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