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facebook, and death…

Today I checked my facebook, and the first thing I see is that Darrell Woodall has passed away.  This is my first form of death notification with facebook.  Very weird, very sad, very out there for all to comment on.  And by all, I mean Darrell’s friends, posting their feelings.  My simple R.I.P felt small in comparison, but the point of it all is that life is short.  Please live well today, enjoy all the many many tiny moments that make up this strange trip.

Watson Beasley

a Stones Trow Podcast turned me on to this song.  I think it’s grand. It really gets going at some point….  Enjoy.

the deconstruction of my favorite 8th grade folder.

It’s yellow, mostly black pen, a little red felt tip.  I’m about to start scanning flyers from the past from Beats By Otter, but I found this and I”m amazed by the bands I was seemingly into when I was a little pop lover.  Looks like I was into the NY Mets as well.


no particular order.

Fine Young Cannibals

Moden English


Midnight Oil



Beastie Boys (written many many times over, must have been my favorite)

Talk Talk

Echo and the Bunnymen

Brian Ferry

The Fixx

Violent Femmes

Dream Academy

The New York Mets (written about 10 times)

Big Audio Dynamite

Bob Marley

Combo Audio

The Cure

Last Gentlemen

Public Image Limited

Ozzie (which would have  been for Ozzie Smith)

and last but not least, the word Otter over and over and over….

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