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empty out the iphone memo

Little League White Pants… Thanks Mom.  I played a bunch of baseball growing up.  My Mom Patti was rocking the clean pants for my twice and sometimes 3 times a week games.  I had the most blazey white pants.  I remember the maybe once or twice when I showed up with some busted dull tan white  pants that would just look beat.  I still had game, no matter the pant cleanliness, but I had mad game when I looked good.  Yeah, I was a preening preteen with a penchant for having the ability to rock the uniform.  Cleats were always not just some super dope athletic shoe company type shit, but they would be the most shine taststic of the season.  My red patent leather Asic Tigers were the pinnacle of this, Champaign Post 24 Team, age 18.  Point of all this, or at least when I had put this in the memo, was that my mom rocked. She had this bottled pink laundry soap that she would get from a cleaning supply company, I think they supplied a hotel that she was a cleaning lady at when she first came across the stuff.  Well, that stuff would bring some shine to a pair of polyester white baseball pants.  Props Patricia Lynn Helmick.   This was just one of your awesome mom ways, there were countless goodness ma.


headband, and other notes


this is the name given to some weed.  I just heard someone talking about this weed called headband.  these same people had recently been talking about some weed called truth, not the truth…. just truth.  I like to think that people getting super high, are naming their cultivars super high names.

I was in the train station thursday night, and again tonight.  The thing about Chicago’s Union Station is it is the one place that my iphone has performed at a super fast speed, full bars, no drops, and the internet was blaze fast.  I was tasking away while waiting for my buddies train to come in, fully amazed at the iphone for the first time.  I have from the get go, loved the feel and design.  That is why I even have an iphone, silly to admit.   But yeah.   That was pretty cool, what was not, or in a way it actually was cool?  The 17 maybe homeless men that were sitting in the pews of the big room.  Those big long benches are super cool, and I have sat there several times back in the day, killing my 4 hour layover from my to and from college trips,  between Olympia and Champaign.  But thursday night was kinda tripped out, just the silence of such a big room, the feelings of just being warm and happy to sit.  It was like 6 out last night.  I wondered if the great waiting room was open 24 hours for the cold to warm.  I hope.  Bugged out was I, big public spaces at night are a sight to take in.  When the streets are still, those moments are nice to soak in.

Over my shoulder I see Serena takin on Justine Henin.  I might have to stop this Pete Rock cut off and check out some strong tennis.  Til I Retire is the Pete Rock song that is boomin out the speakers right about now.  I have a roomie for two more nights. Then back to the solo tip.  I should enjoy the extra feeling of mental space, that will be nice, but really I”m just happy to able to be loud.  I have this Peavy Amp, and life should be nice with distortion.  Even playing music loud at the moment without thinking of anyone being bothered by it, swellness.  It is a swellness that is actually contributed heavily to the fact that no one is living in the unit under me.  They moved out a couple weeks ago, a bullet came into the window molding of their living room window. Holding her baby, she explained that she would just never feel comfortable in that spot again.  I understand, they are a nice couple with their first kiddo, and now they are gone.  So the boom that has come into my apartment the past few weeks has been this new feeling of space.  And more space is at hand, but i’m gonna have to hustle for that extra grown folk rent.  Ah.. Mr. Lif is playing now, Head High.  All his jams are nice, just good smart hip hop.   The only thing wrong, is well… he is from Boston.  Ah, just kid.  And while i’m listing off the beats that are playing during this, Redman and Meth are droppin nice.

Serengeti. Dennehy. nuff said.

These are good peeps.

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