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Britney Murphy Vs. Chris Henry

Nothing about versus really.  I liked both of these people.  I have never met the actress Murphy, or the football player Henry.   They both died over the last couple days, and something about them, and their demise makes me sad.  I’m sad anytime anyone passes away, unless they are ready to go, to escape some horrible pain.  Random people die every day, every minute.  I hear about it, oh, so and so passed away, and these would mostly be people I don’t know, like famous folk.   That is who you hear about in terms of the news reporting death, always famous folk.  Nothing against a single one them.  Chris Henry fell out of a truck, possibly during and argument, died.  Not sure about Murphy’s cause, and I”m not one to get into some internet looking around for the facts.  I just know those to have me thinking about the good things, I’m not minding that my feet are cold at the moment, or that I should buy my dog a new dog bed, those things are smallish at the momento.

On another note, These bleads are not rocking it this Sunday.   Go Germany, the land of certain hotness.  Hotness is everywhere by the way.

Good-Jerked Chicken Spot called Mr. Browns Lounge, in the Ukrainian Village!  It’s located on the corner of Chicago and Oakley, and it opened this week.   I have not been to Jamaica yet, but let me kinda let you know about something, Jerked Chicken on Bedford ave in Bedstuy Brooklyn is some of the best food I have ever put in my body.  A taste that pretty much assures at least 5 meals from a week long stay in Brooklyn will Jerked Chicken, served up yummy by super Jamaican American peeps.  I love love it, get it!  So yeah, Mr. Browns Lounge…. Taste just like Brooklyn.  But check this, they have a spicy mac n cheese that will always be the extra side I get.  Chicken, cooked cabbage, rice and beans, and some amazing jerk sauce, get a side of that to just pour over the chicken and rice and beans.  Oh boy.  I got it to go, i’m not a eat chicken off the bone in front of folks kind of fella.  Not a dish that makes me crazy with happiness, that’s some at home, game on type shit…. Like I said, Oh Boy.

That was the good.

Here is the Bad.

Bad-$14.99 for the Jerked Chicken Entree.  That would be the size I get in Brooklyn, it would be called Large, and it would cost $8.50.  Don’t get me wrong, that is only bad because I won’t be going there twice a week.  Maybe just a few times a month.  Cost yo!

RIP.  Mama Susie and Uncle Jay.  And of course all the good ones that sleep deep.

Tecalitlan Brought Me Dinner

Burrito and Torta.  Life is very nice right now, Venture Brothers about now.

Post 27 Inhabit and Fantasy Football don’t Relate

I went to Inhabit and the opening reception for it at Post 27.  Post 27 alone is the bomb, so tossing in a super talented group of people who make great things, and having it all priced  reasonable is the goodness.    I have a new found fondness for feathers.  Knob Creek met Beer, Beer was cool, but then wanted to kick it with Red Wine.  All of that booze  doesn’t have much to do with things, the night was fun and would have been without.  Well… who am I kidding, I wouldn’t have eaten the loaded mashed potatoes if the booze wasn’t my buddy that night.  Good people, good design, good….  Maybe you don’t want to hear design blah from me, I mean, I picked a decent fantasy football team.

My  fantasy football team, It’s name is These Bleads.  Mark can tell you about that name, or anyone with Cannonball Run lore in their memories.  I”m not a line for line movie kind of person, I never have been.  Having been buying hip hop bangers since 89ish and spinnin some of those records sometimes, I still can’t quote some Rakim flow, never knew Brand Nubian word for word like Jude could just drop from his love of verse.  When it comes to movies, I have those friends as well, Maclay comes to mind, knowing Big Trouble in Little China or something else awesome.  But Yeah, this was my long approach to thinking about this blooper reel from.  2:23 is my joint.

Country Fair Theater is where I would have seen this, yep… I got some years I been trough, good ones.  These Bleads are in 3rd place out of 17 teams.  Why not, I couldn’t be touched back in Kenwood Elementary School’s Grey-Y Football team.  We were the Buccaneer’s, in the 5th grade that is a dope name to have, the Buc’s.  I even started to love the actual Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they had a quarterback, Doug Williams who looked like me.   I didn’t just like a black quarterback because they were black, they had to throw the ball at least as deep as Jim Plunkett or Dan Fouts, I was a big arm fan, deep throws, big plays steeze.  Well Doug Williams had a booming arm.  It was kinda too bad that he had to get his long earned super bowl appearance , and record setting performance, as a member of the Washington Redskin.  I was rooting for them to win, I was a Denver hater, but I couldn’t really get with any team that called themselves Redskins, that is a fucked up word to Native Peoples.  So I hear it with empathy, I mean come on, that on the Nigger level with them, so it should be for everyone.  Not to preachy preach, I on no grounds to do that.  My longest known best friend Mcintosh, was on my team.  We were above the curve with football moves.  I dug the football, and thought I was a football mack until freshman year.  I was a flanker for the Centennial Chargers freshman team, quick hitch and go play got me kinda dazed when Raymond Leshore hit me and made me stop playing football.  I’m still a secret looker of the game, and I like this pick some dudes that you think are going to do well from week to week.  Our league is so low key, and so little time involved, that it make being in the top 5 feel kinda fun.  Go These Bleads.  Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise were on some funny shit.


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