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Peep Game! Charles A. Heinrich Mural Bears on Lincoln.

I was hanging with my friend Jacki, and we walked by this bar on the corner that was clearly closed, as in closed for a long time.  There was an amazing mural on the two sides of the corner.  If your in Chicago, you must check this out.  I”m thinking some yoga/wine bar will come along and wipe out this art.  I”m not much into art research, you can handle that right?  I just snapped some cropped style images of the bears and such.  Lincoln ave, just north of Grace.   Even if you don’t like Da’ Bears, you will like this.



unexpected hotness zones

I”m going to preface this with the fact that i’m single.  I”m not all too classy either, so if this comes off on the slime tip, oh well.  I have been to two places over the last couple months where I was overtaken with the realization that there was an incredible amount of pretty women.  The first place was the Minneapolis airport, the second was the local Dominick’s just now.  So many pretty smiles.  That’s about it.  Silly as hell I know.  I was at the Minneapolis Airport for a couple hour layover, and well… it was some stunning shit.  I contemplated moving up north just for the views, but then I remembered they got the Timberwolves up there, and as good as the Vikings are, I’m not into the purple.  But yeah, didn’t know I was into blonds until that visit.  The Dominick’s, that goes down about every visit to that store.  Might be the wonderful hood I live in, produce, deli, dairy, all locals of the store are often boomin’.  Fuckin’ Pig!

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