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Aragonltd. Some niceness to rock well.

I’m liking this. Aragonltd is on some nextness with these one of a kind pieces. Support the good ones. Get it here! Yeah, it is the gift giving time of year, but i’m thinking we all deserve something like this for ourselves  . I have been known to be a bit selfish.


The Turkeys Heartfield, Va


The Piankatank River.  I miss it.  I miss Bekka’s mom’s house.   I had no idea I was in a Dwell Magzine type setting at the time.  I just knew I loved it there.  There was a walk that happened back then, down the winding road that went into the little enclave that the house was on.  On that walk I saw my first wild turkeys.  Those are some big ass scary birds, and they don’ t share the road very well.  We gave way so the several of them could walk by.  Very trippy, but not as trippy as the Croakers that I caught at the end of the dock.  Look it up!

Hey Bulldog


I watched this show on the History Channel called The Beatles On Record.  It was really good, lots of studio film and sound.  Really put me in really deep Beatles mood.  Still feeling it.  There was this part where John is talking about the song Hey Bulldog, and he is talking about the dog noises that Paul was making on vocal track, and they played it, “bark bark,  raawrl”, my dog Poppy was very responsive.  This is only funny because he usually is unconcerned with dog barks on Tv.  Paul was that good.

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