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Thomas Shahan

Photographer Thomas Shahan takes some crazy up close photos of insects.


I am Charlie Brown


I am Charlie Brown, I”m going to sit down and watch the Bears game.  I’m excited.

Lucy is the Cincinati Bengals.  The Bengals just beat the shit out of the Bears in all aspects of the game.

I”m flying through the air after missing the ball that Lucy has just jerked out of the way.


Where We Live

Not just the title of a really great Poster Children song, but its how i’m feeling about living in the heart of the Ukrainian Village at the moment.  I took my dog Poppy into the National City a block from my house today, first visit for him to that branch.  He had been to a NC in downtown Champaign many times, a location in Wicker Park many many times, as well as one in Humboldt Park.  The Humboldt Branch didn’t take the big pit bull visit so well.  I had to talk them down from minor panic, yeah, even with the counter as a divider between us.  The mostly Ukrainian staff at my current local locale were very nice and cheery towards Poppy.  Which is cool, they don’t really ever show me any smiles, especially this broke down redhead that is always super curt to me.  So it was nice start to my day, talking my way out of two overdrafts also felt very nice.   I wonder if it was Poppy that got those taken off?  Kasia’s deli, is a treat very close to me.  I use to first go there a few years ago for a nice hardy Polish lunch, then I figured out that I was just going in to flirt with the hot Polish women that worked the counter.  The food is very nice though, flirt or not.  They have changed things up a touch, and now have some good grocery staples in there, so it has the feel of a nice clean corner store.  All they need to do for me now is get some Tyskie beers up in that piece.  Nicely golden domed churches are also over in this hood.   Lovely churches that I have always admired zoomin by on my bike, now they are a daily part of my dog walks.  Work….. geez, I work one block from my place, super cool, super scary.  Atomix, my favorite cafe…. a block away.  And when I need to help out a corporate giant, I can head over to the Dominicks that is less than a block away.  Park across the street, the party dome that is my boss’s house, a block away.  I like where we live.  Enough to plant perennials, and a Mugo pine.  All is well so far… now to decide to get a roomie or not?  Kinda like the alone thing, kinda hate being broke.  Is this what we pay for when we live alone, solace and such?  Off to the day filled with gray and rain.  And thats ok with me.  Rock well.   These are not the droids you are looking for,  and this is not the Poster Children Song I’m Looking for.

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