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Boskke Hanging Planters

Yep, these hang upside down.  Your plants grow down and out, like so many things in life sometimes.   This has a staghorn fern potted in it.  LOVELY!  Peep it here if you like.


the most wonderful wake up music

A friend of mine sat down next to me at Atomix cafe the other day, she saw that I was reading a book called Mingus Mingus, and asked me if I had ever heard of Albert Ayler.  I hadn’t.  She said, “it’s the most beautiful thing”, she wrote down his name, and told me to youtube Albert Ayler at John Coltranes Funeral.  I just did.  I have to agree with her, it was very beautiful.  I just did my morning stretching  to it.  I not only feel good because of the stretching, but well… there is this extra buzz going on with my body, and i’m pretty sure Ayler has something to do with it.    Wow.

A six story pervert came on our window…. It’s just gross!


I came back from a little trip, and well… this was freshly done to our wonderful window.  My roomie and I don’t ever want to put a curtain up in this window, were on the second floor, and we don’t do anything shady to hide from our neighbors across the way.  I love this window, but look at it now.  I have lived in this building for just over a year.  The landlord lives on the first floor, and he makes house music in his basement studio.  The studio is just equipment in a room, an actual studio has sound controls that keep sound in, usually that is.  So yeah, it’s often very 1993 in our building.  That most likely has nothing to do with the fact that our place has been egged 5 times since we moved in.  I usually don’t care at all, because the eggings had happened to the landlords window.  A couple months ago, there were some eggs on both doors, the first floor door, and the door that goes to our place.  Gross and nasty was that, the smell, and the flies.  So whatever, some punk ass kid, or ex of his likes to constantly egg our place….. but check it, they finally hit our window.  We don’t have any ladders here, and it wasn’t thought to hose it off right after it happened.  So it has just been cooking onto the glass.  This is our view, this is one of the stronger features of this place.  I brought it up to the landlord fella, to see if he had any desire to get this cleaned off, and well… he must not, because its been there for a solid month.  Lazy days for sure, but that is what the other people in the building had told me when I moved in.   Any Chicago peeps got a ladder for me?  I’ll wipe that giant giz away.  We got egged, but doesn’t the idea of a giant pervert, standing in our window, doing his nastiness to the window, sound like a better story.

My boss recently let me know that I like to roll with the run on sentences, yeah.. that happens.  Feel free to edit?

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