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I feel like chicken tonight… what was I thinking?

gross dude I didn’t just feel like chicken, I had this crazy almost two week long jones going on for KFC, yeah, the same KFC that isn’t suppose to use Chicken in the title of the chain, because they modify the chickens so much, they don’t qualify as chicken.  Ok, maybe that last part isn’t really true, I feel like I read that in Covert Action Quarterly back in my college days, but that might be some kind of false memory.  But you know, it might as well be true.  I feel very ill from that meal.  The whole thing comes from this childhood trip to Kentucky, my Uncle Jay took me to see some speedboat races in god knows where in Kentucky, I was like 8 or somewhere near that age.  So I remember really wanting to go to KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken as it was called back then, because I knew one thing about this trip, we were in Kentucky.  Our household didn’t eat a lot of KFC growing up, Mom and three boys, that was a lot of chicken, i’m sure Moms wasn’t about getting more than a bucket back then, and I was a notorious fried chicken eater (thanks Grandma Susie!)  I”m kinda getting off point here… I went today, I was just feeling like “fuck it, it’s crap, but I want it!”  Yeah, I need to never ever ever ever eat it again.  I’m declaring thing right now.  I”m almost 40 years old, and i’m not eating KFC ever again.  Ok, I could see maybe being captured by some evil bad peoples in some far away land, and them feeding me rocks for a couple years, and then being rescued by some magic bears like in The Golden Compass, and them asking me in a voice that might sound like Fozzy Bear’s Voice, “You must be hungry, would you like us to park the blimp at that KFC?”…. Yeah, then I would have a two piece with that super sugar sweet coleslaw.  I for sure would.  But as for this moment, and all things being a non hostage situation… i’m done with the skinny tie wearing dude slinging simi chicken.  All Done.

Cauc Rap.

New term maybe. I have just been to a couple record stores here in Chicago to sell some records. That whole economy thing may have had a lot to do with the small number of records that these folks were actually interested in. But check it, Aesop Rock, Company Flow, El-P (i know, kinda like in Co Flow, but his solo records), Madlib produced 12″‘s….. these were the only LPs they wanted, all three stores. Not the Gang Starr 12′s, no Wu, No Nas… I could keep listing, but the quality of records as far as rap goes is about the same as the first few I just listed. So…. Has Madlib’s adoring indie rock following pulled these people from liking other Hip Hop? Is there now a kind of rap that moslty white folks like? I say this because the stores I was in, were mostly indie rock by nature, that said… Dusty Groove was in the mix here. So.. off to ebay this shite. Nothing much about this, just noticed a little something. I mean, El-P ? That would be the Garbage of the lot.

Bibio…Ambivalence Avenue

BibioI did something the other day that I rarely do, I went to pitchfork and looked at and listened to a some songs from the weeks new releases.  I stumbled on Bibio.   I’m kind of a visual person sometimes, and the album cover was lovely, it called to me.  I liked the sample song, went out and bought it.  Its really nice.  Boards of Canada seem to come to mind, but that might be because the reviewer planted that in my mind.  I find this to be a bit more dynamic than the Boards.  I recall almost falling to sleep to Boards of Canada when I would hold down the fort at Dandelion back in Champaign.  Bibio to me has this nice Prefuse 73 meets The Sea and Cake.   There are some lovely beats that nod the head laced into dreamscaped melody.  The only vocals that pop up are pretty.  Fire Ant, Sugerette, and Cry? Baby? are my cuts of choice.  That said, check out Jeolous of Roses as well, kinda Suggie Otis soul funk.

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