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I have to keep going to Garfield Park

I just helped my friend move an organ from his old spot to his new one.  He lived in Garfield Park, on Maple st, between Homan and St. Louis.  Lots of good times at that place, a new kind of deck stylee went down there.  You sometimes would hear the arabic call to prayer when you were going to get beer at the corner spot, the call coming from just behind the beer spot, a building owned by the same Arab cats.  Not going to say anything is even messed up about that, see where you look.  The block is nice, and i’m going to miss it.  The neighbor kids, Kalumda who was going to dinner with a sugar mama tonight, and well.. the vibe of African American life, or a segment of it.  I live on a very mixed block, and I like that much, could go either way.  So yeah, i’ll need to make that block a  part of the bike random rideness that can sometimes happen.  The front porch of that house, on the first weekend that my friend lived there, we were super party time, and the soundtrack was the juke music coming from about a half block away.  That was the only night I heard that music, that loud.  And well.. That was enough, could have had more, but cool with that one night.  No stress, no strain, What i’m really feeling right now is the struggle  on my body from that heavy ass organ.  Cheers to you Garfield Park, Conservatory and People.

Mango is good.

you already know that, don’t you? Yeah, sometimes times all the effort of peeling, and well.. that big ass seed. Its worth it, peep one today. I”m sure its hot where your at right? I”m going to have another one. Yep, two in one day, peep game. I just saw some photos of my homie Welby’s kid. Cuteness galore. banter.
Now i’m off to the work, to…. uhm…. work.

arrange what…

Garlic Design

I just walked under these, just now.  I was coming in from grabbing my laundry from the basement, fresh from hangin up my shirts when I looked up.  I had kinda forgot about these garlic sprout deals.  I bought them from the GG two weeks ago.  That Sunday for lunch I cut up three of them and put them into a tuna, macaroni, and peas.  It was a pasta salad I hadn’t thought of for years.  Sue Peratt used to make it for her kids, Blaine, Brett, Amy, and Missy Peratt.  They were my posse for a few years and I love them, even with almost 30 years since the first hanging out at their house on Sheridan in southwest Champaign.   a few super dope, learn to steal chrome caps kind of years.   Breaking into concessions stands, we learned how Slim Jims, Chewy Sweet Tarts, and potato chips were fruits of white trash thuggery, yeah I know, that half white side of me was feeling it, along with my brown side, black side… uhm those sides.  We were good kids though, that was an isolated incident, so if you Peratts happen across this, i’m only telling that one.  They were a couple big brothers, and little sisters that I could add to my two younger brother collection of siblings, ha… Ok!  We were on the garlic sprouts that I bought for my salad, ate… Loved.  A very nice soft snap to them, (when the pasta was about two minutes from being done, I dropped the cut green bean sized garlic sprouts in) Yums.


I planned on cooking with the rest of them, and put the first nights unused garlic sprouts into a tall Pom glass, they are all tall right?  love those, you get a vase with your overpriced drink.  Kept them in the fridge for a day, then looked at them in the blasting white light of the refrigerator and realized I should put them on the box shelf in my room.   They lived there for about a week, that is how long it took me to think of giving them a fresh cut, and fresh water… Seems like it would be kinda gross, or super rotted at least at the ends in the water, no.  None of that, they look just like when I put them in the water that first day.  So that day, the day of discovery of how design cool these things were, I placed them onto a high shelf in the kitchen, this is where they are now.  I”m thinking a couple more days.  The bulb at the end of two of them are a freaky white color, maybe close to some kind of powder mold, The stems are still nice and dark green.  So what I’m trying to get at here is check em out.  I’m sure they would look pretty great with about anything,  single stem, gaudy, rocks, whatever…  they look hella  good by themselves, or am I trippin?   And they taste great.   I really like the fact that I went into Green Grocer to get some pasta salad ingredients, and got visually caught up in how good they looked, bought them to cook and eat, did that, forgot about how good they looked, and stumbled back onto that vibe at the end.  That would be the funny thing to me.

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