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Jim Rice, Kokorokoko, and 103 in Seattle

teeth shirt from KokorokoNarratives should be released, hopefully, this will work out.  I had a  Fin Du Monde beer , sitting in front of the Highdive on Chicago ave, facing East, chair just into the small dot of shade from the tree at my back.  It was hot, but kind of perfect.  103 degrees in Seattle today, we are taking note right?. Crazy town. It was lovely here in Chicago, and the timing of having a day off under the sun was swell as well.  I had to bike over to this  store, and you should check out, Kokorokoko is the jam. Ashland, just south of Dusty Groove, so.. Haddon st.  There was this shirt that I was loving a few months ago, specifically a really nice deep soft blue one. It was a small, I was sad.   So yesterday,  one of the owners, let me know (via secret note style) that there was a nice blue newly arrived shirt for me at the store. So today, I peeped it, tried it on, and now will rock it, most likely little kid new gear style, meaning day one, tomorrow. Teeth kind of freak me out, but the print on the back of the shirt is a spine of teeth, pretty dope. I also got myself a nice Tom Tom Club 12″ of Lorelei. $3.

All About The Roosevelt’s… that shit from Taco Bell… I know its my own fault for even watchin the tele, but come now. Kill that noise, I get parody and the push to drone out the brain with ads, but that song hurts the universe.
Jim Rice went into the hall of fame last weekend, pretty cool. It brought back this really great flood of memories, thoughts and smell recalls from when our family lived in this freaky last neighborhood eat in Urbana Illinois. Washington and 136 if your from the 217. I have a really good instant recall of the field between Carrie Elementary School and our little enclave of cookie cutter cheap houses, that field was where I played baseball with friends and with my favorite Easter present ever, my Jim Rice baseball bat, black with white writing and trim. The model of bat was more recognized with the signature of Reggie Jackson. His bat was an often seen bat in the baseball bat bins at the Zayre, AIr Way (later turned into Target), Goldblatts, and Jerry and Al’s, a super dope old school sporting goods store from Champaign Urbana and… oh, yeah, its not about a list of stores, its about the bat, I loved my Jim Rice bat, it is connected with a the smell of early spring in near rural Urbana. So congrats to Jim Rice, and Ricky Henderson as well, he was strait hood. Lake Side Tarace style.
I just heard a clip of a dude ( not even gonna repeat the fools name, no spread of him here ) calling Obama a racist “who has a chip on his shoulder”. Are things really that way? At least the day was nice and warm.  One a pretty cool last little note, I like the way the Cubs are playing.  I’m thinking this is gonna be a nice run towards the playoffs.  Soriano, Ramirez, Lee, and yep, i’m thinking Bradley is gonna actually heat up.  Kinda offense only?  I’m sure that by the time I hit publish post, that the Cubs could have dropped to 4th place, but as of this second.  First Place baby.

Watership Down In Full Effect, the White Rabbit Lamp

white rabbit lampWant to see something from the Father Land that is just so dope.  Cute, Creepy, and Design Forward, a couple words that spring to mind with this German Made White Rabbit Lamp.  Tara came back from Germany speaking about these great lamps that she found, and how they were litte plastic bunny rabbit  lamps.  I pictured crappo Christmas yard lite up baby Jesus, but in the form of a little bunny.   Why did that cause my alams to go off?  what is wrong with plastic?  Ok,  a lot is wrong with plastic, that said, I’m going to get one of these for my spot.  10″ high these Rabbits are,  and when they are turned on in a dark room, I get kinda scared, the kind of scared that movie Watership Down made me (I didn’t read the book, was that kid into sharks and Big Cats, the kid who got his info from heavily  illustrated magazines about Sharks and Big Cats…. wait! What magazines were those?)  But the Rabbit in war kind of vibe got me shook as a 3rd grader at Kenwood Elementary.  So… yeah, check out this lamp.  You can get it here if you like.  Or come visit them in the land of creepy cute.  Oh that German design.This rabbit will fuck you up

A banjo in the house

There was a banjo in the house, I kind of hurt my foot when the big organ slid down on it, the neighbors were nice, and again, there was a banjo in the house. Its in my house now, and it has a pick up! low tuned non pick using distortion is at hand. So, i’m gonna go now, and play with the banjo. Look at this word banjo, just look at the letters together. Such a pretty grouping of letters. Like a photo album forgotten and newly found. Ha, just look at that last line… ha! Off to the machines.

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