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Who’s Bad?

live off the wall, ok?Not Mike, no not Micheal Jackson?  I have become one of the jaded, ex Micheal people, and there was decent reason to be….not fully behind the fella.  Freaky reactions to the rigors of child super sensation has to be kinda hard, and simply put.. fucked up.  Every since he took Brook Shields and Emanuel Lewis out on the same date, the jury has been out, and the allegations…. I have feeling were somewhat true, thats tough, its hard to let a hero fall in your mind, and thats what happened with Mike and me.  I have had many a dances with my Mom and brothers, chill style in our living rooms of the past, with Off The Wall, and Thriller (though my Moms love for his music might have been over with Thriller) blasting out of the system, and thanks to this fucked up Ex of my Mothers whose name was Hence, well…. Hence had a boomin’ system, complete with reel to reel, and cable radio!  Things fell off for me with Bad.  Would sound decent now for some reason, ok… because Micheal just died, but really, nothing can touch Off The Wall.  I’m going to listen to the whole thing tomorrow after work, why wait until tomorrow?  Its 12:50am right about now, so for building respect, i’ll wait until I can bump proper.  This might be the most cruel thing ever, but I think something good will come out of his death at the age of 50, we can always remember the bad, but the good always seems to last longer in history, sure everything ever said about the guy will come up when he is brought up, the good and the bad.  I”m going to remember him not only for all things OFF THE WALL, but i’m going to have that little kid giggle talk he has with Paul in The Girl Is Mine…. I mean come on, “We all know, that people are the same wherever you you… There is good and bad… in every one….. if we learn to live…”  Yeah, different song I know, but what?  You gonna hate on Ebony and Ivory?


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