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Thanks Hawks !


Earlier tonight I found myself sitting on the sofa leaning slightly forward, nervously watching the Hawks down one goal to the Detroit Redwings.  This is my first full season of paying attention to the Chicago team.  I’m all about the Hawks.  I can’t get with the First Peoples (indian) head as the mascot.  Through the vail of proclaimed dignity, the image is still  what it is, and i’m not down.  Respect the Indian was a marketing battle cry this year, it sifted into my head, and reminded me of of land, lands, and the people that were all over said land.  I respect the vibe of Chicago hockey, and we’re gong to be damn good for a long time.  The youth of this team is crazy, half of the players that played in this years playoffs were under 25.  That a nutty bar!  Even with their little baby faced playoff beards, they still got game.  So check them out next season, and look up Dustin (Big Buff)Byfuglien, I”m donw with his play.  Nice Balance to all of the super fast skill skaters dudes like Kane, Sharp, Toews.  And never sleep on Martin Havlat.  Go Hawks

There is a town in north Ontario

This isn’t much information about anything, worth any kind of time.  That said, I was thinking of the song Helpless, Neil Young’s voice is at it’s best worst with that one.  Aside from that, im wondering if my roomie who has been touring around that area of the greater whiter north, and i’m having visions of an Edmonton Oilers faded thrift store find.  Or even better a Calgary Flames or Winnepeg Bombers tee.  Yeah, thats what I was thinking as “big birds fly across the sky… leave us helpless helpless heeeh helpless”  Don’t get it twisted, i’m fully all about the Chicago Hawks when it comes to hockey, I just can’t walk around with a First Person’s face on my tee shirt.

humboldtsky.jpg The plan will be to use this as a platform for many things going forward: Music, Photography, Sports, Green Concepts,  Design,  Flora & Fauna, and a lot of words about such things.

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