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So your place looks kinda college era…..

Maybe you should check out Post 27 on Grand Ave here in Chicago.  Angela and Barkely are very very good people, and they have a store full of the most stunning pieces.  You don’t have to spend a ton, there are all kinds of goodies that won’t break you little bank.  They have lots of events and fun gatherings, I had just under a half millioin beers there last night for an impromtu BBQ.   I”m not even going to list what they have, you should just take yourself there and check it out for yourself.  If you don’t really trust my word, you can peep for a fast stare.


While your there, say hello to Jack.   If anyone is feeling kinda philantropic, you can buy me a dining room set, or some organic cotton bedding, don’t worry about delivering it, i’ll pick it up….  So thanks in advance.   While i’m on the subject of kick ass store, don’t sleep on my place of employment Sprout Home.   Modern Home and Garden spot in the UK Village, We rock, and have lots of super dopeness going on.  Again, don’t take my word for it, This is pretty much how we get down.

Shake It Photo App

Shake It Photo….. pretty damn cool. I was hanging with some nice-ees last night, and we started taking photos with B’s iphone. I thought we were just using the regular camera mode for the session until I saw Shane shaking the phone. I was kind of confused, about that. She told me she was shaking it to make it develop faster, or something like that, there were beers involved… I instantly thought about the myth of shaking a Polaroid to speed things up, and what do you know, the photo app SHAKE IT PHOTO is just that, and attempt to Iphone out the art of Polaroid. It actually takes nice photos, and it does some real nice work with color saturation. It can be a little grainy in darker situations, but man, those photos were looking good. You take the photo, then you chose whether your going to “use it” or “cancell it”, if you choose the “use it” option, the screen turns into what can only be discribed as a blurred out, gray, Polaroid, and seconds later, that same image starts to slowly develope into that shot. Kinda kitch, but really more on the super dope side. The photos even come out with a white border, just like the real thing. I secretly pulled out my phone and bought the 99 cent ap. Well Worth it. You should start to see some random images in the image page with that white border.  Here is a photo taken with Shake It Photo.


Love and Happiness

Who knows, just wake up each day and maybe take a second to remember how good you have it.  Unless you don’t have it good.  I”m thinking if your reading this, you have a computer, roof over your head, and who knows… maybe someone who love you, even if its just your moms.  So life is good, chill with the negatives, I mean if your a republican lost ghost of a person who is spending every waking moment thinking of ways to cut down Obama, well… maybe you can keep on with the hate and such.  It should consume you within a couple years.

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